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Aqsa SPC Flooring

Starting price from RM6.60


Get the Best Quality SPC Flooring Prices in Malaysia

If you are looking for flooring that is durable and long lasting, then you would really benefit from our SPC flooring products in Malaysia

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As an SPC flooring supplier in Malaysia for many years now, we highly recommend you to get this product especially if you have a messy toddler, cat or dog at home. At Al Aqsa Carpets, our SPC flooring products are mainly manufactured with a mixture of PVC and solid composite. It has less carbon and is extremely waterproof.

It also helps to prevent your floor from getting scratches, and it helps to keep your house flooring in good condition so that your house will still look as good as new even after many years. Match SPC flooring with our vast selection of carpets from traditional rugs and carpet tiles to modern rugs for your future home.


The Nation’s Trusted SPC Flooring Supplier in Malaysia

Still unsure about getting our product? At Al Aqsa Carpets, we have the best SPC flooring prices in Malaysia. This is because our items are all sold at factory prices so that you can get the best value for what you buy for. This makes our products cheaper and more affordable, and it comes with good quality. 

Make your space even more stunning with a selection of SPC patterns from Al Aqsa Carpets. You can install and DIY! It’s much easier, faster and cheaper with DIY installation.