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Starting price from RM230


The Best Selling Affordable Modern Rugs in Malaysia

Transform your space instantly with one of the most long-lasting and durable modern rugs in Malaysia. At Al Aqsa Carpets, our rugs consist of 100% halal fibre, imported from Turkey, Iran, Belgium and the USA. We offer an extensive range of unique patterns, colours and designs available to complement your chosen aesthetic.

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Our first-rate carpets are available in a variety of sizes to suit the proportions of your chosen space. You can also peruse a wide range of thicknesses depending on your desired level of comfort and luxury. Revolutionise your home environment or workspace with our affordable rugs and transform it to your ideal space. At the same time if you want to renovate your home flooring, check out our options for SPC flooring and find the perfect design to match with your carpets.


Get Good Quality Carpets at our Online Rug Store in Malaysia Here!

We have over 1000 rugs and tapestries on offer at Al Aqsa Carpets. You can find us physically at the Al Aqsa Carpets Factory Outlet Store branch (AQSAFOS) or Al Aqsa Pusat Penghabisan Stok (AQSAPPS).

For convenience you can also browse our extensive online catalogue at your leisure. You will definitely find the design that suits your own personal taste. Rest assured that Al Aqsa Carpets is the rug store that offers the highest quality rugs in Malaysia! Visit us now.

Rest assured that Al Aqsa Carpets offers the highest quality rugs in Malaysia! Visit us now.