Carpet Staircase – Tangga Karpet

Create a warm, welcoming look in your hallway with a new staircase carpet. A staircase carpet or runner can instantly transform a once-dark hallway into an inviting space. You’ll find a wide choice available including classic stripes, plains and even charming polka dot designs. Even if you opt for hard wood flooring for the rest of your hallway, a carpet on the staircase will reduce noise and feel soft and comfortable underfoot.It’s important to consider the material as halls have a high traffic volume. Choose a hard-wearing material such as sisal or coir. Pale-coloured flooring brightens up a small area, but it might stain. A grey or taupe may be more suitable than cream – or try a pattern. Stripes draw the eye along the design and appear to elongate the area. Ask our Expert consultants today for ideas.

Karpet tangga atau lebih sering disebut stairs carpet adalah karpet yang dipasang untuk melapisi anak tangga di rumah atau di tempat kerja.

Karpet Tangga biasanya dipasang untuk memperindah interior dalam rumah dan memberikan keselesaan saat menuruni dan menaiki anak tangga.