Events/Exhibition Carpet Installation

We at Al Aqsa Carpets supply and install quality exhibition and event coverings for:

  1. Exhibition, Conferences & Trade Shows
  2. Marquees
  3. Presentation & Demonstrations
  4. Private Parties or Weddings
  5. Corporate & Hospitality Events

Exhibition carpets are subject to heavy traffic wear especially the carpets that are along the aisle. Organizers and their customers demand their carpets to be in optimal condition at the commencement of the opening and keep up till the last visitor leaves the venue. Hence, good craftsmanship together with the correct material ensure the carpets maintain their elegance throughout the exhibition period.

Whatever your event we will supply, deliver and install coverings anywhere in Malaysia. With timely installation and lowest costs, we provide the best exhibition carpet solutions for all customized events up to large scale exhibitions.

Benefit from our experience and be guided to the right choice of carpets for your event or exhibition. Tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll recommend the right carpets (Super Ribbed Carpet, Needle Punched Carpet or VOC Carpet).